Nicole Gaisford

HeadshotJesuit Volunteer Program Coordinator

Phone: 440.892.1001

Fax: 440.892.1004

Email: [email protected]

Nicole Gaisford serves as the Jesuit Volunteer Program Coordinator for Youth Challenge. She is responsible for facilitating adapted recreational activities, collaborating with program staff in the planning and initiating of programs, as well as enhancing and implementing the use of therapeutic recreation techniques. Nicole recently graduated from Georgetown University in Washington, DC where she received her degree in Biology of Global Health and Disability studies. She enjoys practicing yoga, biking, and taking long hikes through the woods.

The Jesuit Volunteer Corps is a service organization that engages young volunteers to provide service in marginalized communities while focusing on four core values: simple living, spiritual growth, community, and the pursuit of social justice. With these values in mind, Nicole and several other volunteers who she lives with have dedicated a year of their lives to serve the Cleveland community through their positions at non-profit organizations.