Participant Registration Form


This is for YC PARTICIPANTS who have a physical disability.

DEADLINE: Forms are due Friday, MAY 19.

ALL participants are required to have a medical form on file prior to attending programs. If you already completed one and there are no changes, you do NOT need to complete another one.

***If your address, phone number, or emergency contact has changed, please be sure to let Mackenzie know. ***

This is NOT your official schedule. Youth Challenge will send e-mail confirmation of the calendar once your selections have been reviewed AFTER the deadline.

TRANSPORTATION: YC is able to provide transportation for most programs. There is an option to provide detailed transportation information (such as alternative address or specific instruction for staff/drivers).

**Please complete the ENTIRE registration form and click “submit” at the end. For REGISTRATION QUESTIONS, contact:
Mackenzie Vecchio, Director of Program Services, at [email protected] or (440) 892-1001 x 18.


Programs are listed chronologically by weekday. Please pay close attention to location and age restrictions. Check the programs you wish to attend. Then, check your transportation preferences and add any transportation details you wish to share.

Open to participants with ages 4-10. Program time is 11-2pm at various locations listed below. Join us for some sports, games, art, swimming & more! Round-trip transportation provided.
Open to ALL participants ages 8-18. Program time is 11am-3pm at various locations listed below. Round-trip transportation provided.
Open to ALL participants. Program time 9-10am @ Clague Park, Westlake. YC will bring a variety of handcycles and tandem cycles for participants to utilize. Must provide OWN transportation.
Open to west side and Lorain County participants ages 8-18. Program time 10am-2:30pm @ Clague Park, Westlake. Enjoy a morning of sports and games followed by an afternoon of splashing around in a fabulous pool with friends. Round-trip transportation provided.
Open to east side participants ages 8-18. Program time 10:30am-2:30pm. Enjoy a morning of sports and games at Horseshoe Lake Park followed by an afternoon of splashing around at Thornton Pool. Round-trip transportation provided.
Open to all participants, families, and friends! Join YC at the Zoo for our annual Race Day event to support YC. Program is 8-10:30am at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Guests receive tickets to the zoo for the day to stay and enjoy the sights and sounds of the zoo. Must provide own transportation.
Open to participants ages 10-18. Participants and volunteers will meet at YC at 12pm on Friday, June 7th. From there, YC will hit the road for a variety of adventures (locations TBD) and then come back to YC in the evening for a slumber party. Participants and volunteers need to be picked up from YC on Saturday, July 8th at 10am. This is a party you won't want to miss!
Open to all AMBULATORY participants ages 6-18. Program time is 10-11:30am @ Lakewood Park. Join YC in learning to ride a skateboard from some professionals in the Cleveland area. Round-trip transportation provided.
Open to all participants ages 4-25. Program time is 6-9pm @ YC. Join us for a big party to end the summer in YC style! Must provide own transportation. Family and friends encouraged to join.
For participants ages 16-25. Must provide own transportation. YC may provide some transportation on a limited basis. See below for program days, times, and locations as it varies.

This section is not required and information provided will not be shared. Information will not impact the participant’s eligibility for programming. YC receives substantial funding from Foundations and Community Partners. Often, they require certain demographic and income data to ensure that their grantees meet requirement set forth in specific funding guidelines. If you are comfortable doing so, please complete the following section.

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