Mission, Vision, DEI Commitment


Youth Challenge brings together young people with physical disabilities and teen volunteers who inspire each other through adapted sports, recreation and social growth activities.


Youth Challenge is the recognized leader in Northeast Ohio for enriching the lives of young people of all abilities, and supporting their growth and well-being.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Commitment

Inclusion is Our Superpower
At Youth Challenge, everyone is empowered to be themselves

We were created to be inclusive.
We strive to provide equitable opportunities for all.
We are committed to being more diverse to celebrate our differences and broaden our shared experiences.

Youth Challenge was founded in 1976 to give young people the opportunity to play sports and have fun, regardless of their physical abilities. Today we strive to build on that legacy by becoming the most diverse, equitable, and inclusive organization we can be, and we ask everyone in the YC community to help us achieve this goal.

Our continued commitment is to ensure Youth Challenge is
Diverse, where we represent and appreciate the range of differences in our community;
Equitable, where we provide fair opportunities based on individual needs; and
Inclusive, where everyone feels valued, supported, and respected.