YELP & ACT Fitness & Gardening Highlights

Embracing a healthy lifestyle involves a combination of exercise, fostering a sense of community, and spending quality time outdoors. And this summer, at YC’s Westlake headquarters, ACT and YELP participants get to experience all three of these things every Thursday.  ACT has been enjoying exercising and gardening since the spring, and YELP has the opportunity to join them now that school’s out for the summer!

During fitness, Alumni Program Coordinator Sara Steimle engages the group in a diverse range of exercises, including breathing techniques, arm stretches, and running in place. Once warmed up, they dive into weight training in the fitness center, utilizing resistance bands and other equipment to build strength and endurance. To conclude the fitness session, Sara guides everyone through various boxing combinations, where each participant and volunteer even gets the chance to suggest their own boxing combination.

This year, alumni are taking over the YC garden in the courtyard! During the pandemic, Alumni Engagement Manager Lisa Friel’s dad, Pat McCafferty, helped transform the courtyard into a garden by building raised flower beds. Since then, the garden has been used during individual sessions and has been incorporated into programs for younger participants, such as Farm to Table. Thanks to donations from the Salem family, alumni participants have had the opportunity to get their hands dirty (literally!) and plant herbs, tomatoes, peppers, onions, and flowers. This summer, alumni and YELP participants will spend time maintaining the garden each week by weeding, watering, and waiting for everything to grow!

We look forward to the rest of the summer growing our muscles and green thumbs with YELP and ACT participants!

A group of participants, volunteers and staff stretch their arms.
Bre and Fiona exercise using the resistance bands.