YC Overnight Highlights

YC is always such a fun place to be, and participants and volunteers got the opportunity to stay overnight July 7-8! The almost 24 hours spent with the YC Crew were jam-packed with activities! When everyone arrived at YC, they split into four teams and made swag (bandanas, capes, wristbands, etcetera) in their team colors. The team colors were blue, red, yellow, and green. After fueling up at Mitchell’s Ice Cream in Ohio City, it was time to start the Amazing Race!

The Amazing Race competition took the four teams all around Cleveland, from Ohio City Farm, the West Side Market to Lake Erie Science and Nature Center and Huntington Beach, to just name a few places. Just like on “The Amazing Race” TV show, each team had to complete different tasks at each location. Some were silly, some were educational, and some gave participants and volunteers opportunities to practice life skills such as choosing and purchasing fruit at West Side Market. The Green team won The Amazing Race by returning to YC first, but the Yellow Team won Best Picture, Best Attitude, and Most Enthusiastic.

When everyone made it back to YC, they worked together to make a fruit salad with the fruit they had collected at West Side Market and ate it for dinner with pizza and lemonade. After that, they played Silly Sports in the gym. Then, participants had a Skit Showdown competition in the courtyard while eating s’mores and had the option of playing a board game or watching a movie before going to bed.

In the morning, everyone woke up to breakfast donated by the Douglas family and Board President Greer Gibbons. After breakfast, the YC Crew looked through pictures and videos about their time together over the weekend to reflect and share what made them smile. For many, it was simply the time spent with new and old friends! All in all, the Overnight was a weekend filled with memories that will last a lifetime.

We look forward to more fun adventures in the future!