YC Alumni Programming

We have the choice to use the gift of our life to make the world a better place.

~ Jane Goodall

Ode to YC Alums, by Alumni Engagement Manager Lisa Friel:

Last fall, I had the privilege of facilitating a Team Building Leadership Retreat with the Alumni Community Team Executive Committee.  Guided by the principles of the Jane Goodall Roots & Shoots Toolkit, our team explored ways to strengthen the YC Alumni Community by becoming compassionate leaders.  Throughout the retreat we developed skills and traits such as being hopeful and optimistic, collaborating and communicating openly, thinking critically and being introspective, acting with a purpose, inspiring peers, and being empathetic, adaptable, resilient, and team players.  The Alumni Executive Committee committed to being leaders of the YC Alumni Community, guided by compassionate, educated thought to make good decisions for our community.

I want to personally thank the YC Alumni Community Team (ACT!) Executive Committee for their compassionate leadership this Fall.  This team was formed by Steven Kyman and consists of leaders and friends– Sara Steimle, Sean Walker, Gabby Bova, and Janie Rapp.  Together they spent numerous hours collaborating, planning, adapting, and zooming to support the alumni of YC, rooting their efforts in one message:  You are not alone!  They worked to develop meaningful programs that offered virtual support to their peers during the roughest times of the pandemic.  And they brought joy, laughter, comfort, support, and purpose to so many people during the holiday season.  Thanks for all you do to make the world a better place!

Thanks, too, to the many YC Alumni who shared their lives with the YC community last fall.  YC Alumni gave over 25 hours of service, strengthening Outreach efforts in creative ways.  ACT! provided virtual support by collaborating with engineering students of Mayfield HS through the Service through STEM Design Challenge, and by assisting Sarah Cooney with filming for Virtual Volunteer Training Sessions.  Alumni participants promoted Advocacy by partnering with non-profits like SIL and ADA CLE, sharing their experiences as Good Life Ambassadors, and helping improve accessibility to public transportation through RTA 25 Connects.  Alumni participation at our Social outings at Euclid Beach, Edgewater Park, and Mill Stream Run Reservation made our time together memorable.  And your participation in our virtual Wellness Initiative enriched programming and enabled us to form a supportive network of friends.  Thank you for making ACT! awesome!

We look forward to connecting with even more alumni in the Winter/Spring session.  Information about programs for YC Alumni can be found on our YC website and alumni Facebook page.  Please consider joining us for a session!  All virtual alumni programs can be accessed with this link:  www.YouthChallengeSports.com/YCAlumni

If you have any questions, please contact Lisa Friel, Alumni Engagement Manager ([email protected]).