Volunteer at YC’s Halloween Party Trunk or Treat!

Reagan and Elias paint a gourd.

Youth Challenge participants and volunteers are looking forward to the spookiest event of the year: our annual Halloween party, this year on October 27 from 4-7 pm at YC!

This year, we have many exciting tricks and treats in store! The St. Mary’s Church confirmation class will sprinkle their magic on a haunted house that will send goosebumps racing up everyone’s arms. There are games in the gym that can make your heart race faster than a ghostly sprint and crafts in the Makerspace where participants and volunteers can create their very own Halloween enchantments. The Volunteer Committee will also be at the party, helping guests paint enchanting pumpkins.

But here’s the most enchanting part: you, yes, YOU, can become a part of the Halloween magic! Families like yours can donate their car and their time to the Trunk or Treat. Imagine becoming a candy wizard and sharing your sweet treasures from your bewitched trunk with all the other little goblins and witches. One of the spellbinding family members who joined in last year was Mary Gypp, who just happened to be teen volunteer Libby Jodon’s mom.

Libby helps Eva with a craft.

Libby had volunteered at YC for over three years, and Mary was able to see the impact volunteering at YC had on her daughter.

“I would say that it has made her more open-minded about being accepting of people who may be different than her, and it’s made her more excited about volunteering,” Mary said. “Over the last couple of years, she’s been volunteering and it’s nice to see how she comes home and she’s like, ‘Oh, I really like that. I can’t wait to do more.’”

Mary jumped on the opportunity to be able to join her daughter in the experience of making a difference in the lives of young people with physical disabilities.

“It was super awesome having her there,” Libby said. “We both really enjoyed being able to work together.”

So prepare for a Halloween party where the spookiness, fun, and magic all come together. It’s a tale of Halloween adventures waiting to be told, and you’re invited to join in the spine-tingling fun!

For more information about volunteering at this event, please contact Laurel Sweet at [email protected] or 440-892-1001 ext 14.