The Pease Family

Choosing to Help Others

The Pease Family Fund is a result of one family’s desire to give back to the community. Chris and Wendy Pease have a son on the autism spectrum and identical twin daughters. Being exposed to the “differently-abled” world, the family was looking for a way to help others facing similar challenges when they discovered Youth Challenge in 2003. “Looking at all the different agencies and organizations that serve others, we witnessed all the good Youth Challenge does. By combining sports, which is a passion of ours, we fell in love with the place.”

They were especially drawn to the connections formed between a Youth Challenge participant and their teen volunteer partner—two young people who help each other grow and become better.

Chris, who is a Principal with Mercer’s Executive Benefits consulting group, served on the Board of Trustees for several years beginning in 2003. He is currently a member of the Youth Challenge Board of Advisors, Finance Committee, and the Philanthropy Committee. He’s also involved with YC’s strategic planning.

Through the family’s involvement with Youth Challenge over the last 18 years, they have only grown more passionate and dedicated to helping achieve its mission. In 2019 they established The Pease Family Fund as part of the Youth Challenge endowment. They know that the needs of the people Youth Challenge serves will never go away and see planned giving as the “gift that keeps on giving.”

Chris’ advice for others considering a planned gift is this, “In life, our choices usually involve helping yourself or others. Those who choose “others” tend to be the happiest people I know. Take the leap.”