Topgolf Outing Program

Welcome to YC’s Topgolf Outing!

November 3, 2022 | 6 – 9 pm

Please review our digital program!


Schedule of Events

Additional announcements will be made via text message. Not registered? Visit the YC table on your floor.

6 PM:

  • Registration opens
  • Free play in bays
  • Raffle sales available
  • Hole-in-One Challenge opens
  • Drinks & appetizers available

6:25 PM: Welcome by Chris Garr

6:30 PM: Food stations open

7 PM: TopContender tournament begins

8:30 PM: Raffle winners drawn & announced (you do not need to be present to win)

8:45 PM: Tournament ends (winners announced the next day)

8:50 PM: Final remarks and event closing


Hole-in-One Challenge

Don’t miss your chance to win $10,000! The Hole-in-One Challenge is happening all night (or until sold out) in Bay #312. Shots are $20 each or you can score 3 shots for $50. Only 200 shots will be sold. Visit Bay 312 to take your shot or for more information.


Tonight’s Raffles

Support YC tonight and you could walk away a winner! 50/50 and Firestone Foursome raffle tickets are on sale online at If you’d like to purchase tickets in person, please visit the YC table on your floor.

50/50 Prices:

  • 5 tickets for $5
  • 25 tickets for $20

Firestone Foursome Prices:

  • 1 ticket for $25
  • 3 tickets for $50

Ticket sales end at 8:25 pm and the winners will be drawn at 8:30 pm. Winners need not be present to win. Please note, this raffle will be conducted online, so no physical tickets will be sold.


Donate to Youth Challenge!

Every dollar donated to Youth Challenge makes an incredible impact on the young people served by YC. If you’d like to donate, you can do so by visiting Thank you!


Thank you to our Sponsors!

Bay Sponsors:

  • Mr. Mark Breen, Total Benefits Advisors
  • Brouse McDowell
  • In Memory of Kevin & Thomas Carney
  • Cleveland Kitchen
  • Rhonda F. Company DDS Andrea M. Company DDS & Associates General Dentistry
  • Fleet Response
  • Game Plan Financial Advisors, LLC
  • Greer Gibbons
  • GPI Design
  • George & Joyce Haddad
  • The Hardesty/Applegate Family
  • Johnson Investment Counsel
  • Kelly Insurance Group, Inc.
  • Mr. Dan Lease
  • Massage Envy
  • MMI Textiles, Inc.
  • MobilityWorks
  • Bill Murman, Senior Vice President, UBS Financial
  • The Nock & Son Company
  • Patton Painting
  • Sheetz
  • Teamsters Local 507 CER Fund
  • TMC Employee Benefits
  • Mr. Steve Trapp
  • UBS Financial Services


Game Play

Tonight, we will be playing in the TopContender Tournament. In this tournament, there will be one individual winner and one team winner.

Game Objective: Take consecutive shots in specific targets to receive double points.

Game Set-Up:

  • Players are split into teams by bay, and the best score on each ball will be used as the score for the team.
  • Six people make up one team. (If you do not have six people, players alternate and play for the missing people.)

How to Play:

  • Each player will take 4 consecutive shots in each of the designated targets to receive double points. The targets go in this order for the game:
  1. Yellow – First set of 4 balls hit (Start)
  2. Green – Second set of 4 balls hit
  3. Brown – Third set of 4 balls hit
  4. Blue – Fourth set of 4 balls hit
  5. White – Fifth set of 4 balls hit (End)
  • If the player hits other targets that are not designated as double points, the player will receive the regular points. If the player does not hit any targets, no points will be received.
  • If the player hits it in the brown, white, or trench target on your 20th ball (last ball) the player will receive TRIPLE POINTS.

Please see the printed diagram in your bay for a visual representation of the gameplay.


Game Rules

To ensure fair scoring and safe gameplay, please adhere to the following rules:

  • One player in the hitting area at a time. Everyone else should stay behind the red line.
  • During each round, each player must click on their name before dispensing their first ball. (If this is not done the player will be hitting on one of their teammate’s profiles.)
  • Each player should only dispense one ball at a time! (Any extra balls dispensed we cannot delete, and this will result in zero points.)
  • Each team has 105 minutes (from 7 pm – 8:45 pm) to complete the tournament. (Teams that do not make this timeline will be disqualified.)
  • Once all players have hit their 20th ball, DO NOT TOUCH the monitor until the team score is collected. (If the team resets the monitor before their score is collect it will result in disqualification of that team.)
  • Of course, we’ve added one of the most important rules at Youth Challenge: HAVE FUN! At Youth Challenge, we believe that, despite one’s limitations, everyone has the right to play, learn, make friends, have fun, and enjoy life in a safe, welcoming environment. We aim to create an environment like that tonight with all of you. Thanks for being here!

Questions? Need help?

  • See a Topgolf staff member,
  • Stop by the YC table on your floor, OR
  • Text “HELP” to 76278.



  • The “TopContender” (individual) will win $200 cash.
  • The winning bay (team) will win a three-month platinum membership to Topgolf. Each member of the bay will have access to this membership.

Youth Challenge brings together young people with physical disabilities and teen volunteers who inspire each other through adapted sports, recreation and social growth activities.

Want to learn a little more about Youth Challenge? Watch this quick video!