YC Rocks! Livestream

Thank you for supporting YC Rocks! Volume 2: Annual Benefit & Auction to be held on May 15. The livestream will be broadcast beginning at 8 pm ET. Tune in early for a slideshow to help you get everything set up beginning at 7:30 pm ET. The livestream will be available on Youtube by clicking here or viewing below.

Make sure you’re registered at www.YouthChallengeSports.com/Benefit! During the livestream, five lucky registrants will be randomly selected to win a $25 gift card.

If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact Carolyn Palmer, Youth Challenge Communications & Events Manager, at [email protected]. Read below for more information on setting up your live stream and hosting a watch party.

Set Up Your Livestream

YC Rocks! Virtual will be streamed on YouTube Live. To ensure the best viewing experience, set up your live stream to play on your TV. Here are some helpful tips to get your live stream set up:

  • Grab your laptop! When you’re ready to watch, visit YouthChallengeSports.com/Livestream to access the video.
  • Most TVs have an HDMI cable connection. Connect one end of the cable to your laptop and the other end to your TV HDMI port (hint: if you have a DVD/Blu-ray player, Amazon Firestick, or other smart TV plugin, that’s usually connected with an HDMI cord).
  • Turn on your TV and navigate to the HDMI input that your computer is plugged into.
  • Voila! You should be able to see your computer screen and can start the livestream.
  • If you’re having trouble seeing or hearing the livestream, check your computer display and sound settings to make sure the output it set correctly.
  • If you’re still having trouble, give us a call at 440.892.1001.

Host a Virtual Watch Party

  • If you’re able, set up an online meeting to watch the YC Rocks! Virtual livestream. There are many virtual meeting services:
    • Zoom (free for up to 40 minutes, unlimited for paid accounts)
    • Google Hangouts (unlimited time for up to 10 people)
    • Free Conference Call (free, unlimited)
  • The livestream will begin at 8 pm ET on May 15 with a preview slideshow running beginning at 7:30 pm ET. Ideally, your party will start no later than 7:45 pm ET to ensure your guests are ready and comfortable by the 8 pm ET live stream.
  • YC Rocks! Virtual will be streamed on YouTube Live. To share your livestream with your virtual watch party:
    • Access the livestream website on the same device you’re hosting your watch party on.
    • In the settings of your virtual watch party, start sharing your screen with your part attendees so they can watch the live stream, too. Make sure to share your sound, too, in the settings of your video chat.
    • Voila! Your friends and family can watch the livestream together.
    • If you’re having trouble, give us a call at 440.892.1001.

PS – don’t forget your watch party beverages and snacks! Sit back and enjoy. And don’t forget to bid and give!

Share Your Watch Party!

  • Take a selfie, a group picture, a snap of your plate piled high with live stream snacks!
  • Share it on social media, tag Youth Challenge, and use #YCRocksVolume2
  • YC will share your pictures on our Facebook & Instagram stories so we can feel together even when we’re apart.