Reconnecting with YC from Afar: Mariam Tadross

When COVID-19 caused YC to put a pause on in-person programming, it was disappointing for a lot of participants and volunteers. But for someone like Mariam Tadross, switching to virtual activities presented the perfect opportunity to re-connect with the YC Gang!

Mariam, a 2018 graduate of St. Joseph Academy, has often referred to Youth Challenge as her second family. Between 2014—when she first began volunteering—and the end of her senior year, Mariam gave over 500 hours of service to YC’s participants and mission. She helped at everything from Krazy Kamp to YELP, was a member of YC’s Volunteer Committee, and served as a Student Intern on YC’s Board of Directors. She was a model volunteer, coach and friend, always focusing on her partners’ strengths and encouraging them to see those abilities in themselves.

After her graduation, Mariam’s family moved to Florida and she started her freshman year at U of F. While she was excited for her next chapter, moving away from Youth Challenge was very difficult. She has stayed in touch with several participants and fellow volunteers, but it just isn’t the same as being part of a program.

When YC went virtual a couple months ago, Mariam re-engaged with her second family through our social media posts and then signed up for our virtual programs taking place this summer.

“It’s been so great having Mariam back at YC,” says Sarah Cooney, Director of Volunteer Services. “She’s is a truly extraordinary volunteer whose positivity is contagious. You can’t help but smile when you’re around Mariam because you see the joy she so clearly feels helping at YC. We’ve missed her greatly and these virtual programs give us the chance to connect with her—and many other YC grads—despite the physical distance.”

“Virtual programming has been the best thing that’s happened to me in the quarantine,” Mariam says. “These times are very worrisome and lonely, but even for just an hour a day, we are reminded by this community of people who we love and care about that we are all still together even if we are miles apart. I am very grateful for the efforts that the YC staff has put into keeping programs running while putting the safety of participants and volunteers first and how it has allowed me to be active at YC again.”