Participant Highlight: Andrew Nock

Andrew and Olivia paint together

Andrew Nock may have only begun attending YC last fall, but he has become quite a regular at programs!

“I love that at YC people with disabilities can do things that people without disabilities always do,” Andrew said. One of the things Andrew is most excited to have been able to do is rock climb!

Andrew always loves building relationships with his volunteers. At rock climbing, he built a friendship with his volunteer Maddie, who encouraged and cheered him on. When Andrew and Maddie weren’t climbing, they chatted away about school and their plans for the weekend. Andrew and Maddie both said their favorite part of the rock-climbing program was each other, and they got to be paired together again at Fiber Arts!

“I really like helping out these kids, it’s so fun to hang out with them,” Maddie said. “Honestly, I don’t know where I’d be without YC.”

At Fiber Arts, Andrew was eager to work on his sewing skills and learn new tricks. He used a whip stitch to make a pizza plushie and used a sewing machine to make a pillow. Andrew also got the chance to show off his creative side at Kitchen Showdown and Edible Engineering. He loves to design new things and always has a fun name for all his creations, including the “Sour Tower,” which he made with Saltines and Sour Patch Kids.

Last but not least, Andrew had a blast at Harry Potter Sports. A big fan of the wizarding world, Andrew knew the answer to every trivia question and loved talking about all the Harry Potter books and characters. On the last day, he even brought his cape to look like a wizard!

The YC Crew looks forward to more adventures to come with Andrew!