Board Highlight: Jennifer Scavone

YC Board Member Jennifer Scavone has dedicated her life to serving young people with complex medical conditions as a pediatric nurse practitioner for the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital for Rehabilitation (CCCHR.) In this role, she treats children whose bodies are deconditioned due to traumatic illnesses or injuries. As a board member at YC, Jen gets to see children like the ones she treats happy, having fun, and making friends. 

 “Most children leave CCHR with a permanent disability; and sometimes, a child with a ‘new’ disability may not be accepted back into their previous environment with open arms,” Jen Scavone said. “These children need a place where they can thrive.” 

In addition to her work at YC, Jennifer has volunteered in the past at MedWorks and the Cleveland Botanical Gardens. Jennifer said she values the opportunities YC provides for young people with physical disabilities. 

“Youth Challenge advocates for children with disabilities and provides great opportunities for these children to thrive in an accepting environment,” Jennifer said.