Hockey at Youth Challenge

At the beginning of each year, YC participants and volunteers hit the ice to participate in the Paralympic sport of sled hockey. Sled hockey is a unique sport where athletes with physical disabilities sit in specially designed sleds with two hockey skate blades on the bottom. Each player uses two hockey sticks that have metal spikes on the end, so they can propel themselves on the ice. Over the last few years, YC participants have worked hard to develop their skills and have become more independent on the ice, all while having fun with their volunteer partners skating alongside them.

Youth Challenge is planning to further develop their sled hockey program by starting a team of consistent athletes that practices weekly during the season. The need for this adaptive sport team is particularly important because there are limited other sled hockey teams in Ohio, requiring lengthy travel and higher finances from the YC participants who would want to join a team. Youth Challenge wants to break these barriers and provide a recreational hockey team that is accessible for the participants and volunteers to continue to grow in such a remarkable sport.

Blake Weakland has been participating in Sled Hockey since he was a young boy. Now 18, Blake still loves hockey, especially when YC and Shaker Heights High School Hockey players come together for the Adapted Ice Breaker, an event usually held every fall to help unofficially kick off the hockey season! While this event couldn’t happen in 2020, Shaker and YC hockey players alike look forward to getting back on the ice soon. “The Shaker Players respect me as an athlete and I respect them for supporting my teammates at YC,” Blake said with a smile.

YC and Shaker players are still coming together online for a great cause – hockey at YC and Shaker. Through December 12, you can donate to help YC purchase new hockey gear while also supporting Shaker hockey! Click here to donate.

In previous years, YC participants have worn old protective hockey gear that was generously donated. With safety and sanitation at the forefront now more than ever, YC recognizes the critical need for the athletes to have their own brand-new gear that fits them appropriately before getting back onto the ice together. Each athlete will need their own helmet, gloves, elbow pads, and shoulder pads. Having new protective gear that fits athletes appropriately will allow Team YC Sled Hockey athletes to safely take their talents to the next level and you can help make that happen with your donation today.

For Blake, sled hockey is just one of the many sports he loves to participate in at YC. “I like the physical aspect of sled hockey, scoring goals, competing with friends. It’s cool to wear a helmet and check people,” Blake says laughing. You can help Blake and his teammates get back on the ice in 2021! Visit to make a donation today and help us reach our goal of $2,500!