Crosstown Showdown Highlight

Participants, volunteers, and spectators gathered together at the Garrity Center in Berea, OH, on Saturday, March 25, for the 2023 Crosstown Showdown. The signs were up, the hoops were up, and the lines were drawn as seven teams of eager participants and volunteers worked so hard to get this moment… and they did not disappoint.

For five weeks, the participants and volunteers met once a week on the West and East Side to practice their skills and build their team chemistry for the big tournament. The fifth week was used to determine the seeding for the eventual double–elimination bracket. The seedings were as follows:

Finn scores a basket against the Pink Waterfall Rocketships.

West Side

  1. Red Spicy Buckets
  2. Orange Monstar Rockets
  3. Soaring Blue Baboons

East Side

  1. Green Money Makers
  2. Yellow Pacmans
  3. Pink Waterfall Rocketships
  4. Purple Royal Blockers

There was no shortage of close games and overtime in the tournament. Game after game, the action on the court was almost as non-stop as the concession stand run by the YC Volunteer parents and friends helping cheer on the teams.

The crowd in attendance got a great game to end the day! In a shocking turn of events, the two seed from the east, the Yellow Pacmans, and the third seed from the west, the Soaring Blue Baboons, met in the championship game in front of a packed gym. The Baboons came out strong in the first half and had built a solid lead. But in the second half, the Yellow Pacmans made a run and tied the game, forcing overtime. The Pacmans and Baboons drew up some plays, and the Pacmans pulled away to win the game. However, since it was the Baboons’ first loss of the double-elimination, the championship game had to be played again to determine the 2023 winner! In the second matchup, the Baboons proved to be too much and came out victorious as the 2023 Crosstown Showdown Champions!

The “I Just Hope Both Teams Have Fun” Bracket winners were the Pink Waterfall Rocketships. In 3rd place, the Orange Monstar Rocketships. In 2nd place, the Yellow Pacmans. And your champions of the 2023 Crosstown Showdown, the Soaring Blue Baboons!

This signature program was supported by our generous sponsors:

Team Sponsors: Connie Evans, the Hegde Family in memory of Robin Hegde, and New Avenues to Independence

Concession Stand Sponsor: Melanie Canning

Special thanks to St. Mary Berea CYO Athletics & Youth Ministries for loaning us this space and the Hawken School Boy’s Basketball players for refereeing.