Alumni Spotlight: Gabby Bova


By: Margaret Biehl, YC Intern

Hometown: Avon, Ohio

Years involved in YC: Ages 5-18

Gabby Bova first became involved with Youth Challenge as a participant at age 5 after her occupational therapist referred her. By getting involved with YC it has strengthened Gabby’s ability to connect with people similar to her and form friendships that entail teaching and learning from one another. In addition, Gabby has gained an aptitude for confidence, determination, and courage to compete with and against other athletes with disabilities. Gabby notes that since getting involved with YC, she has developed a stronger sense confidence and independence in external settings. For example, Gabby is now able to drive herself to programs and be able to assist the staff, volunteers, and current participants. When asked why to get involved with YC, Gabby responded, “because it’s a very unique, welcoming place. YC  recognizes participant’s abilities and challenges them to step out of their comfort zone.  YC offers a wide variety of activities from art, bowling, team sports, and the list goes on. There is truly something for everyone at YC.” Lastly, Gabby noted that YC has helped shape her into the person she is today by helping her become more outgoing and willing to try new things. YC has also helped Gabby to recognize she is capable of doing things like everyone else but in a different way. Today, Gabby actively trains and competes in track and field events and 5k races which she credits being able to do from her experience with YC.


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