Alumni Spotlight: Bridget Barry

Bridget Lauren

By: Margaret Biehl, YC Intern

Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio

Ages Involved in YC: 12-20

Bridget first heard about Youth Challenge in 7th grade after her teacher invited Sarah Perez-Stable to speak to her class about YC which sounded like a fun opportunity to Bridget. She proceeded to sign up for her first program that fall as a volunteer choosing the Dance and Drama program which she enjoyed so much that she signed up for more programs during the spring season.

Bridget continued to volunteer at YC throughout high school and get more involved. She even interned with the Board of Trustees and served as President of the YC Volunteer Committee. Bridget also contributed her time and service assisting with YC benefits and fundraisers. She credits YC for some of her fondest memories and a passion for service.

Bridget found that her experience volunteering at YC taught her about leadship skills and how to be an advocate for others, qualities that she finds valuable in her career working as a nurse. Other lessons she says she learned through her experience at YC include, sometimes letting loose and having fun is alright, which she witnessed through participants, and that it’s always important to give 110% of yourself and what you believe in, which she learned from the YC staff.

Bridget has found that YC has shaped her into the nurse she is today by teaching her about adaptability and flexibility and lastly, what it truly means to serve others. She encourages others to get involved in YC in any way they can as any encounter you have with the organization will definitely have an impact on you, one which will remain with you the rest of your life.

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