Alumni Highlight: Alex Martinez

Alex Martinez is a star on and off the stage at Youth Challenge. As an alumni participant for over 20 years, Alex is known for her passion for arts and for the theater. She has choreographed the YC holiday show this past year. She is also involved with local community theater group Near West Theater and has raised money for YC through her own produced show.

Not only is Alex involved in the arts at YC, but she also does powerlifting. Alex represented YC at the Great Lakes Sports Association (GLASA) Games this past June and cleared 110 pounds!

“Now I’m getting back into it and doing fitness again and working out consistently, I really enjoy it,” Alex said. “It’s one of my biggest passions. [YC Staff Members] Mackenzie and Jimmy are really great inspiration and trainers and I just love the environment.”

When Alex is not at YC, she works as an ambassador for the Rollettes Experience, an international dance organization that empowers women who use wheelchairs. Alex also works as a Gallery Guard for the Cleveland Museum of Art.

Alex said the support of the Youth Challenge staff, volunteers, and her fellow participants have helped her to become the confident woman she is today. She is also grateful to be connected to the disability community through YC.

“I love YC, it’s my home, it’s fantastic,” Alex said. “I’ve met all my greatest friends there. It’s family.”