A Message of Gratit

A message from CEO Chris Garr this Thanksgiving:

Friends of Youth Challenge,

I’m filled with gratitude for 2020. This isn’t an odd statement. It’s like the Charlie Brown Christmas tree… When something is imperfect, it can serve as a rallying point to come together and show love and humility. We cannot be more appreciative of the love you’ve shown during this crazy year. 2020 wasn’t what we’ve expected, but I am truly grateful for the way that we’ve been able to adapt at Youth Challenge – and none of this would be possible without you.

To every volunteer who provided a helping hand at a program, every donor who gave their hard-earned dollars to help us keep our programs moving, every staff member who took all of our program changes in stride, and to every person who has supported us along the way – I cannot express how thankful I am for you. YC is better because of our community. And you are a part of that loving community.

As we all celebrate today – I’m sure in a new way for many – know that the young people of Youth Challenge are filled with gratitude, too, for the opportunity to stay socially connected – even during the most isolating points of this year. Thank you for creating moments of joy for our participants and volunteers!

Simply, I’m grateful to have you in YC’s little corner of the universe.

Happy Thanksgiving,

Chris Garr
Chief Executive Office
Youth Challenge


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