2020 Virtual Holiday Show

For decades, the Youth Challenge family has gathered in December for the annual Holiday Show to close out the program year. Participants and volunteers would spend 9 weeks in our Dance & Drama program writing, choreographing, directing, and producing original skits for their adoring fans. All of this hard work culminated in an onstage performance showcasing their many talents. While 2020 has certainly tried to derail our plans for spreading holiday cheer, YC has found a new way to continue this time-honored tradition.

In the fall of 2020, YC used our individual sessions model- one participant, their volunteers, and a staff member- to safely provide concurrent programs in separate parts of our building. One of these sessions was Cinematography which replaced the large group rehearsals of Dance & Drama with intimate, COVID-friendly filming. Cinematography has been a favorite among participants and volunteers the past few years, and for good reason. Whether you prefer to be behind the scenes or the star of the show, there’s a role for everyone! Our six iPads capture the creativity and hilarity of our brilliant onscreen talent in the style of “grandma’s home video gets a glow up.” Costumes, props, and a little iMovie magic can transform the YC gym into an old-timey saloon, or even the moon made out of cheese!  Programs like Dance & Drama and Cinematography offer the creative outlet and artistic freedom for our young people to fully express who they are.

Halfway through filming for this year’s Holiday Show, the newest stay-at-home advisory was issued and YC once again had to cancel all in-person programming. It seemed like 2020 would end on a ho-ho-horrible note. However, ’tis the season for adapting, and the program staff swiftly adjusted to an online format to finish the production. In just two hours apiece, our small movie crews devised one-of-a-kind short films that contributed to this year’s Holiday Show- “North Pole Netflix.” This cinematic masterpiece takes the imagination and festivities of the annual Holiday Show and brings it to life right in your own living room!

It’s been quite a year and Santa feels like the world could use some extra joy and entertainment this holiday season. As a special Christmas present, he gets the whole North Pole gang together to film spoofs on classic TV shows for the world’s viewing pleasure. Dispirited and drained from time in quarantine, kids open up their Netflix accounts to discover that it has been replaced with “North Pole Netflix” instead! The kids scroll through and watch previews of the many magical tv shows and movies, all starring our favorite North Pole characters. You can watch “North Pole Netflix” now on YC’s Facebook page! So, grab your hot cocoa, put on some fuzzy socks, and join us in celebrating the magic of the holiday season in a new way!