Youth Empowerment and Leadership

The YELP (Youth Empowerment & Leadership Program) keeps growing! YELP opportunities for participants age 16 and older and YC alumni include Paralympic sports, field trips and social outings, educational sessions on relevant topics in the YC classroom. YELP also includes opportunities for alumni to come to YC during the day for specific training in job skills and career advice, academic assistance, fitness & nutrition, and other important life skills. This new program is called RISE, Reaching Independence & Self


In addition to developing a greater volume and scope of programming, YC will also begin to offer more transportation for YELP Explorer and RISE programs. We are excited to actively engage young adults and develop ties to our alumni network through these initiatives. Alumni are able to access YC more frequently and reconnect with old friends, volunteers, and staff.

If you want to know more about YELP and the new RISE program, contact Steven Kyman, at or 440-892-1001.

The 2019 Youth Empowerment and Leadership Program is sponsored by: