Participant Registration Form

Winter/Spring 2019 Participant Registration Information

  • This is for YC PARTICIPANTS who have a physical disability.

    DEADLINE: Forms are due on Friday, January 4.

    Required from ALL participants: BEFORE completing this form, be sure to complete the PARTICIPANT INFORMATION FORM.

    This is NOT your official schedule. Youth Challenge will send e-mail confirmation of the calendar once your selections have been reviewed AFTER the January 4th deadline

    PLEASE READ PROGRAM DESCRIPTIONS AND TRANSPORTATION OPTIONS CAREFULLY. Transportation options and restrictions are listed for each section and program.

    SUGGESTED DONATIONS: YC suggests a donation of $10 per program (with transportation) and $5 per program (no transportation) day during this season. Suggested donation amounts can be paid at your convenience. Again, this is a suggested donation and no participant will be denied programming for lack of monetary payment.

    TRANSPORTATION: YC is able to provide transportation for many, but not all programs. If YC can provide transportation, the option is listed in a menu after the program selection section. Some programs may have a geographic priority for transportation. There is also an option to provide detailed transportation information (such as alternative address or specific instruction for staff/drivers).

    YELP programs are open to participants age 16-25.

    **Please complete the ENTIRE registration form and click "submit" at the end. For REGISTRATION QUESTIONS, contact: Mackenzie Vecchio, Program Manager, at or (440) 892-1001 x 18.




  • These are NON transportation programs. Athletes must provide their own transportation to and from practices.


  • For participants ages 16-25. *Wednesday evenings at YC are dedicated to YELP Peer Support. The topic for this season is "Healthy Living." Participants must provide own transportation. *Monthly YELP programs - YC provides one-way transportation TO program only.